Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lipstick Craze

This may not be an all-rounder read,and therefore I KINDLY seek forgivness from the fellas who may stumble upon this.

Since I dont know when, I have been having serious obsessesions about lipstick,not just any kind of lipstick but lipstick in pink and orange hues.This is because lately there is a mature transition in me and since I want to divert just alittle bit from my ever soo loyal Flomar Lipgloss to a playful edgy kind of lipstick.

So this past Saturday,I was out on a lipstick hunt.I went to a flomar dealer,while being very optimistic in the sense that,by the time I leave there,I shall be a proud owner of a range of lipsticks in various pink shades and orange shades.

Unfortunately,the ones that were available,din't ryhme quite well with my chocolately skin complexion :((  I definately was, though I was happy aswel since the lady catering to me was honest enough to let me know that the various colours I tried on,din't look good on me-Now we need more honest people like her-I took her advice keenly and decided its a good opportunity to find out more about lipstick.......

Good lipstick definately transforms looks. It works magic.One therefore needs to be keen when choosing a colour.Don't go for a particular shade just because you saw your friend or someone in the streets flaunting it effortlessly.
Be keen on what will complement your skin colour and facial looks and lastly one that you will be comfortable in.
Below I will briefly outline what I found out and hopefully from there it will be a guide to choosing what lipstick colour is best for you;

1.Pale Skin tone:
This skin tone looks most flattering in Natural colours.Since it helps create balance and enhance your all general look.
It goes well in nude tones, beige,Light pinks or light corals.

2.Medium Skin tone:
This tone looks good in sheer berry or spicy brown or even brown-based mauves.

3.Darker Skin Tone:
There may be a wide range of choice but still you need to be particular on the colour code.They look good in red,oranges,plums,browns or even pastels.

The above is just mentioning afew since there is more.

My everyday trick to luscious lips is,'Always moisten them using a good moisturiser.' MUST DO!!! Honestly,never ever skip this basic important step.Ofcourse, If you want to have heavenly lips,of which y'al know the power of such.Hahahha.
That's All.
Stay safe beauties.

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