Tuesday, May 31, 2011

obnoxity overload

seriously,am huk'd to a mega futuristic annoyin vessel;

This was all triggered by my absolute level of boredom.I swear how beeing bored is EvvILL evil, i tel u.
I was at work and specifically in the warehouse where we were collecting raw materials to be manufactured.I was strategically in a raw area of the warehouse where no human could c me or hear me!!
lets jst say, it was that area where no civil activity takes place and its rarely trend on.it therefore happens to be the best place to bum when ua bored or sleepy or need NO DISTURBANCE!!

In my case i was just bored and decided to make a phonecall.It all started out well,"howz u, how u doin bla bla bla" i was seriously enjoying it while it lasts before my fone began beeping(i was obviously runnin out of airtym),jst then the person who had jst raised my blu moods coz of the piercing baridi outside and boredom sed something towtally annoyyin,yani,that is even an understatement.

I heard sthin i wasn xpeectin to hear in a veery looong tym.Sthing i had warned that vessel not to tel me,sthin that the vessel knows ticks me off frm the wrong side and in all the wrong ways.That vessekl should b rendered obsolete.

i mean,seriously speakin how?

It dint end thea,i had to understand the reason as to y i was being told sthing irritant to my ears..this now called for 'technology communication' since my fon couldn wak the majic.Now the vessel had to go onlyn for one on one conversation.

This is where i came to my conclusion that vessels will always be vessels.(this doesn't mean am selfishly using the vessel for my own personal intrest,lyk i wuld selfishly eat a yum chocolate without botherin to share with my greedy brothers,but its coz the term 'vessel' applies well.)The whole issue now took a turn.whatever was sed,wos not meant to b sed coz the intention wos different.HOW now?

Honestly,y annoy me on a borin day?preserve that for a day thats jolly!! tsk!!