Wednesday, October 31, 2012


 Yet another DSLR...

Will not stop this fuss until one is in my hands;
It is said that it is best in the hands of a professional but still in mine,images will come alive.
It is sharp,from a different clan,but it perfectly fits in with the royals.
It's characteristics are rare,but worth the transformative click.
This cutie G1 X proofs how it can outsmart the rest,and win your moved heart.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

DSLR Cameras

A while back,when I uploaded a photo on my STYLE page,-check it out-I realised,I was missing something.There were particular details about those photos that were left out.Its somewhat incomplete but either way,had to put it up for you guys to realise that we all start from somewhere right?? :)
The photos may not clearly speak to you what I was unable to tell through words.The complete,My own,sense of style that I wanted you to see.The whole outfit was  a miss ,but still,you can see the better part of it.

That aside,this new desire for a fiinnneee camera was brought about by the urge to capture clear,define photos,with focus on particular areas as though it was real time,as though you are right there at the point of the happenings.Some sort of interaction with the viewer,an engagement with the image captured.This is what makes me appreciate images on paper far much better.

As I was on my search, I came across the DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) kind of camera.This is the type of camera in which the image goes into the lens and is reflected by a mirror into your eye at the viewfinder. You therefore see exactly what the lens is seeing. This type of camera also usually allows you to remove the lens and replace it with another, such as a wide-angle lens by a telephoto, ecetra. An SLR now can either be a film camera or a digital camera.It therefore offers a wide range of styles in which you can capture your image depending on locality,lighting,distance and many other factors.Totally heavenly and has soo much to offer to come up with a good picture.
FYI,the sony one is environmentally friendly.How?Its made out of recycled optical disc plastic.It keeps getting better and better.Ooh the growing love I keep having for this cameras.

This DSLR simply works wonders.I don't know much about photography but I surely do appreciate a good raw photo without any form of photo editing.The refiness and sharpness brought out by the camera in its all natural state without distorting anything is refreshing.In any case we are in an era where natural is slowly prevailing.Hence the more au natural,the better.
So please faunt those gorgeous photos you've got,thanx to the range of DSLR cameras.
Enjoy your photos.
Stay Safe beauties.