Thursday, February 24, 2011


*bells* call for wedding rings,*events* call for rings with details n statements,*ordinary days* call for normal daily rings that r meant to define a person,*religions n cults*,also have their own rings n pple wea them differently n in different places.......personally i love rings that make statements n those that define me(av neva fancied thse with shiny detail,bur instead,i lve unpolished silver n rocks,,ur thinkin they r quite hard to come by,yes!!! bur 1nce i spot em,i wuldn hesitate to go 4 one..i also love those with rare details n luk somewat out ov this world!mmh like the recycled one above,then the swankish one, n finally,the one i love the most n (p.s,if my guy,fiance' or future husband) eva gets to read this,i would want such for my engagement or as a gift.The Amethyst ring{respectively}  looovely ;)

Monday, February 21, 2011


i mean,i dont get y somethings wak in a reversed manner....gowsh!!quite annoying..sometimes we spend soo much time on things that really don't matter n neglect the ones or those who matter the most,n apparently sometimes we may b soo engrossed on the irrelevant due to the fact that we are blinded by it.
if only thea woz a remedy to this sickening disease{aaargh!!}.its soo overwhelming to the xtent of wantin to break down bur agen,lukin bac at it,u realise its a waste of time since what u've been considerin all along as treasurable,appears to be logicless,not worth ua tym n crappy....or sometimes it may b more ov a tease,(i dont know).What i know for sure is,once u've realised tha game waz playing u instead of vice-versa n in a smarter way,then u feel lyk u've been inputting a garbage sort ov system.(GIGO)=Garbage In,Garbage Out....u feel wasted n u jst wana give in.
Currently am oping for a solution,bur in the mean time,musiq will wak the

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Alexander Mcqueen-Shoes

This rounded tip-toed shoes r really fabulous.They also seem comfy(thou am not sure bou that),,,either way,they r hot.

gowsh !!!! CAT

Times' movin,am soo engrossed bou my new public diary till av forgotten bou my CAT tomorrow,it sounds lame bur on the other hand,am not into the unit am jst abou to study..Its funny how skul kan attimes seem borin when stuff like fashion is goin thru your head.Bur wot else is to be done other than what u lyk the most?when it comes to such  issues,theas no debate abou it.Although am still hopin to succed in that CAT coz ATLEAST, i read.

Moving on,av jst seen some hot Alexander Mcqueen shoes that are out for grabs n they r quite $$$$ly,bur worth the money.Honestly if i had the Colour al'd totally purchase them,like all ov!!! they are rather edible!!!! mmmhh