Fashion Fades,Style Eternally Represents

I shall be unleashing my outfits from time to time,not promising a daily basis routine,aswell as other inspired clothing and styles that fascinate moi moi :)

Below are amateur photos taken unbelievably my little munchkin brother who thought the style was new to him but all the same nice.I let him play around with my phone which poses a 3.2megapixel(not proud at all)explaining the blurriness,but not to worry.Sooner rather than later,I promise improvement.I liked the outcome though despite the background.heehee

                                                  MICHAEL KORS WATCHES

I am a serious fun of big faced watches,,on the photos above am without any because I had just arrived home and was unloading my arms and was a ''Mo look here'' moment. :)
This particular watches have character and thats why they amuse me.In particular the rose gold colour which is a beautiful and rare shade to be seen flauting.Ofcourse there is a variety of others to choose from such as-;
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Tortoise&Horn
  • Ceramic&silicone
Besides the character I like the masculine effect it has on my small wrist.



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  1. Totally loving the blazer...I want one like that!!
    Xo Galfriend