Saturday, July 13, 2013

Nikon D-3100

Keeping your little dreams alive and holding on to them until they are a reality surely pays off.Sometime back,I was constantly going on and on about how I needed to get myself a Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera. Today,the story is different. I am now a proud owner of one and my excitement is sky high.

The next agenda will be to take photos like a professional photographer who has undergone all the relevant lessons and classes.Lets walk together through this journey.

 Have a fabulous Saturday.

Friday, November 23, 2012

DJ,Presenter and a CSR promoter

A young man aged 15 from Sierra Leone in West Africa,is too brainy such that he shames some of us.This not being a bad thing,is such a huge huge challenge.He uses invaluable items to invent electronics.The little resources at his disposal,he brings out something out of nothing.He got soo much motivation of living in a better community by making it his obligation to impove the area he lives in......

Too much talk,see and hear it for yourself  Kelvin Doe

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


 Yet another DSLR...

Will not stop this fuss until one is in my hands;
It is said that it is best in the hands of a professional but still in mine,images will come alive.
It is sharp,from a different clan,but it perfectly fits in with the royals.
It's characteristics are rare,but worth the transformative click.
This cutie G1 X proofs how it can outsmart the rest,and win your moved heart.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

DSLR Cameras

A while back,when I uploaded a photo on my STYLE page,-check it out-I realised,I was missing something.There were particular details about those photos that were left out.Its somewhat incomplete but either way,had to put it up for you guys to realise that we all start from somewhere right?? :)
The photos may not clearly speak to you what I was unable to tell through words.The complete,My own,sense of style that I wanted you to see.The whole outfit was  a miss ,but still,you can see the better part of it.

That aside,this new desire for a fiinnneee camera was brought about by the urge to capture clear,define photos,with focus on particular areas as though it was real time,as though you are right there at the point of the happenings.Some sort of interaction with the viewer,an engagement with the image captured.This is what makes me appreciate images on paper far much better.

As I was on my search, I came across the DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) kind of camera.This is the type of camera in which the image goes into the lens and is reflected by a mirror into your eye at the viewfinder. You therefore see exactly what the lens is seeing. This type of camera also usually allows you to remove the lens and replace it with another, such as a wide-angle lens by a telephoto, ecetra. An SLR now can either be a film camera or a digital camera.It therefore offers a wide range of styles in which you can capture your image depending on locality,lighting,distance and many other factors.Totally heavenly and has soo much to offer to come up with a good picture.
FYI,the sony one is environmentally friendly.How?Its made out of recycled optical disc plastic.It keeps getting better and better.Ooh the growing love I keep having for this cameras.

This DSLR simply works wonders.I don't know much about photography but I surely do appreciate a good raw photo without any form of photo editing.The refiness and sharpness brought out by the camera in its all natural state without distorting anything is refreshing.In any case we are in an era where natural is slowly prevailing.Hence the more au natural,the better.
So please faunt those gorgeous photos you've got,thanx to the range of DSLR cameras.
Enjoy your photos.
Stay Safe beauties.


Friday, September 21, 2012


This is different from the last post on relations with your boo boo..This one will focus on friends.
Who are they?what do we do with them?what impact do they have on our lives?Are they tolerant?Are they there through thick and thin and also when we have boulders on our way? and so much more is there to be questioned.

I dunno know much about friends because you could best believe I have had my share of a large crowd and now,what am comfortable with is,the few the better but TRUE! But,I shall share my views ofcourse with the beloved readers :)

We as humans love having people by our side at all times during moments of partying,birthday-ing,valentines,when we have been sucked from work,jobless,homeless,stranded :/,10,000 miles away from those we love,we always want that 1,2 or 3 people who will make us smile and keep living.
Once in a while we yern for comfort,a cuddle,a hug,a forehead kiss/peck,attention to be told we are the best and always reassured we are important in one way or another.To be told its alright to stand again when you trip and fall,to be pampered,to be told it's all more than ok to be different,to be told take your time and figure yourself out(the latter buffers me so much.Always want to hear it from somewhere) lol
So we want these kind of people around us all the time,we even forget that sometimes what counts is a reality check.Where what we really need is offered less because it's being overtaken by what we want!
Needs are basic we all agree and therefore we should give them first priority.That is,we should instead surround ourselves with people who are real to the core.(Do I do that? Heck no!Am trying thou.Being blunt)But that is simply what we need.reality checkers as friends.A friend who'll slap and zap you into your senses,one who'll tell things as they are.I mean,we all know what am talking about,but then again,they never last.Why,beacause these species of people are like gems,seriously rare,absolutely adorable and quite expensive.What we want is purely secondary.That pamperness comes #2 after realism.
I have also had my share of betrayals from long-time friends.You walk with them through laughter and moodiness,then it gets to that point where they feel all that was worth nothing and trash everything because they may seem to be on the fore front.But that was a wake up call.I was totally bombed by the sudden chameleon characteristics,though am grateful.So,for those who lied to themselves, if you come across this(n I know you will,no doubt),I love you and am doing perfectly fine.Y'all were great I tell ya,because you were huge stepping stones,literally and otherwise. lol
All in all,this may look and sound general but sometimes we are hardly aware what click or group or situation we get ourselves into until its late and we are bruised in one way or another.Ok,people have that expectation but its best if you live up to yours only.This is the only way you also get to build your personality.Being Strong.

Being your own person will bring those that matter, CLOSER.(ie Gravity pull of friends)

My point is,Be the friend you'll want to have ;)

Stay safe beauties.


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lipstick Craze

This may not be an all-rounder read,and therefore I KINDLY seek forgivness from the fellas who may stumble upon this.

Since I dont know when, I have been having serious obsessesions about lipstick,not just any kind of lipstick but lipstick in pink and orange hues.This is because lately there is a mature transition in me and since I want to divert just alittle bit from my ever soo loyal Flomar Lipgloss to a playful edgy kind of lipstick.

So this past Saturday,I was out on a lipstick hunt.I went to a flomar dealer,while being very optimistic in the sense that,by the time I leave there,I shall be a proud owner of a range of lipsticks in various pink shades and orange shades.

Unfortunately,the ones that were available,din't ryhme quite well with my chocolately skin complexion :((  I definately was, though I was happy aswel since the lady catering to me was honest enough to let me know that the various colours I tried on,din't look good on me-Now we need more honest people like her-I took her advice keenly and decided its a good opportunity to find out more about lipstick.......

Good lipstick definately transforms looks. It works magic.One therefore needs to be keen when choosing a colour.Don't go for a particular shade just because you saw your friend or someone in the streets flaunting it effortlessly.
Be keen on what will complement your skin colour and facial looks and lastly one that you will be comfortable in.
Below I will briefly outline what I found out and hopefully from there it will be a guide to choosing what lipstick colour is best for you;

1.Pale Skin tone:
This skin tone looks most flattering in Natural colours.Since it helps create balance and enhance your all general look.
It goes well in nude tones, beige,Light pinks or light corals.

2.Medium Skin tone:
This tone looks good in sheer berry or spicy brown or even brown-based mauves.

3.Darker Skin Tone:
There may be a wide range of choice but still you need to be particular on the colour code.They look good in red,oranges,plums,browns or even pastels.

The above is just mentioning afew since there is more.

My everyday trick to luscious lips is,'Always moisten them using a good moisturiser.' MUST DO!!! Honestly,never ever skip this basic important step.Ofcourse, If you want to have heavenly lips,of which y'al know the power of such.Hahahha.
That's All.
Stay safe beauties.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Aura of Love

Hello gorgeous people,,once again am back with the topic I feel soo much engrossed by lately..LOVE

Since my last post,I have been feeling blessed by the power to love.This, in the past has not been a characteristic that I potrayed much,but ever since,I have felt the warm hug of love.
This may not be important to many people,but not until you feel or share it,that I believe you can understand its true impact.
Honestly,my relationship with those who are close to me,and by this I mean the people I interact daily with,has greatly improved.We are closer,more friendly and best of all,open.Open in the sense that,we talk about everything and anything.
It's said that with Love all shall be conquered,and this makes sense to the last word.Why?because,with love,you trust,and with trust you believe and by believing it means,you shall walk through with the person you love, through each and every difficult situations,temptations(which God forbid are soo sooo many and very very trying) ;) y'al know what I mean right? haha and better yet,cry together,laugh together,eat together and play together.If it means giving them the benefit of the doubt,so shall happen.All this actions strengthens the love between two people.

Whoa,Love is a beautiful thing.

Now today my desktop calender of beautiful quotes reads,'Look for a special way to express your love to your spouse(here include that person,be it family, friend,a stranger,your,whoever) each day,and your capacity to Love and be loved will grow.'

Our saviour was selfless to offer himself for cruxifiction out of the love he had for us.Today,I pray each and everyday to be able to have that selfless love to share with all those around me.C'mon,you may be thinking,woman please!,that ain't possible,but hey,its a step each day and I know it is possible to get there.You beautiful reader can also do that.Best of all imagine,If we all tried this excerise of loving selflessly,how far we will go and how better the environment around us,will be.
This is what will happen when surrounded by love ^.^

Learn to love generously.Am on this path and I do not want to walk on it alone.Please join me so that when I try showing love it may be easier because you will also have learnt the art of sharing and spreading love.

Stay gorgeous beauties.