Friday, September 21, 2012


This is different from the last post on relations with your boo boo..This one will focus on friends.
Who are they?what do we do with them?what impact do they have on our lives?Are they tolerant?Are they there through thick and thin and also when we have boulders on our way? and so much more is there to be questioned.

I dunno know much about friends because you could best believe I have had my share of a large crowd and now,what am comfortable with is,the few the better but TRUE! But,I shall share my views ofcourse with the beloved readers :)

We as humans love having people by our side at all times during moments of partying,birthday-ing,valentines,when we have been sucked from work,jobless,homeless,stranded :/,10,000 miles away from those we love,we always want that 1,2 or 3 people who will make us smile and keep living.
Once in a while we yern for comfort,a cuddle,a hug,a forehead kiss/peck,attention to be told we are the best and always reassured we are important in one way or another.To be told its alright to stand again when you trip and fall,to be pampered,to be told it's all more than ok to be different,to be told take your time and figure yourself out(the latter buffers me so much.Always want to hear it from somewhere) lol
So we want these kind of people around us all the time,we even forget that sometimes what counts is a reality check.Where what we really need is offered less because it's being overtaken by what we want!
Needs are basic we all agree and therefore we should give them first priority.That is,we should instead surround ourselves with people who are real to the core.(Do I do that? Heck no!Am trying thou.Being blunt)But that is simply what we need.reality checkers as friends.A friend who'll slap and zap you into your senses,one who'll tell things as they are.I mean,we all know what am talking about,but then again,they never last.Why,beacause these species of people are like gems,seriously rare,absolutely adorable and quite expensive.What we want is purely secondary.That pamperness comes #2 after realism.
I have also had my share of betrayals from long-time friends.You walk with them through laughter and moodiness,then it gets to that point where they feel all that was worth nothing and trash everything because they may seem to be on the fore front.But that was a wake up call.I was totally bombed by the sudden chameleon characteristics,though am grateful.So,for those who lied to themselves, if you come across this(n I know you will,no doubt),I love you and am doing perfectly fine.Y'all were great I tell ya,because you were huge stepping stones,literally and otherwise. lol
All in all,this may look and sound general but sometimes we are hardly aware what click or group or situation we get ourselves into until its late and we are bruised in one way or another.Ok,people have that expectation but its best if you live up to yours only.This is the only way you also get to build your personality.Being Strong.

Being your own person will bring those that matter, CLOSER.(ie Gravity pull of friends)

My point is,Be the friend you'll want to have ;)

Stay safe beauties.


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