Friday, July 27, 2012

Aura of Love

Hello gorgeous people,,once again am back with the topic I feel soo much engrossed by lately..LOVE

Since my last post,I have been feeling blessed by the power to love.This, in the past has not been a characteristic that I potrayed much,but ever since,I have felt the warm hug of love.
This may not be important to many people,but not until you feel or share it,that I believe you can understand its true impact.
Honestly,my relationship with those who are close to me,and by this I mean the people I interact daily with,has greatly improved.We are closer,more friendly and best of all,open.Open in the sense that,we talk about everything and anything.
It's said that with Love all shall be conquered,and this makes sense to the last word.Why?because,with love,you trust,and with trust you believe and by believing it means,you shall walk through with the person you love, through each and every difficult situations,temptations(which God forbid are soo sooo many and very very trying) ;) y'al know what I mean right? haha and better yet,cry together,laugh together,eat together and play together.If it means giving them the benefit of the doubt,so shall happen.All this actions strengthens the love between two people.

Whoa,Love is a beautiful thing.

Now today my desktop calender of beautiful quotes reads,'Look for a special way to express your love to your spouse(here include that person,be it family, friend,a stranger,your,whoever) each day,and your capacity to Love and be loved will grow.'

Our saviour was selfless to offer himself for cruxifiction out of the love he had for us.Today,I pray each and everyday to be able to have that selfless love to share with all those around me.C'mon,you may be thinking,woman please!,that ain't possible,but hey,its a step each day and I know it is possible to get there.You beautiful reader can also do that.Best of all imagine,If we all tried this excerise of loving selflessly,how far we will go and how better the environment around us,will be.
This is what will happen when surrounded by love ^.^

Learn to love generously.Am on this path and I do not want to walk on it alone.Please join me so that when I try showing love it may be easier because you will also have learnt the art of sharing and spreading love.

Stay gorgeous beauties.

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