Thursday, July 12, 2012

Demonising those we ONCE loved

Hello,beautiful people,I have definately missed you and especially for being away for soo long without a good-enough reason.Anyhow,am back and am excited about it.Hoping you too are.

To the BIG question now;-

From lovers to friends to brother-sisterhood kind of situation(between lovebirds),why do all lovely and exciting things that make us long for tommorrow,for another bright day,for another smile on our faces,come to an end?
The above should be viceversa,you know,how the whole process begins,Infatuation/crushes,dating and maybe getting somewhere(for instance, marriage). Afew steps may be skipped,n I think,through ignoring the most essential of those steps,that may have served as red flags for possible watchouts,were assumed and things were rushed into.
Now,you find yourself asking;
Where have I been all this time??Where was I looking??Was my head buried in sand all this time??
 Jeee,bad bad mistake.
Where have you been all my life??Was I not looking??Was I buried in all the wrong people??
You know,that good, sweet, energetic,to die for feeling you get when you finally realize you've found the one!!

This all come about when I was riding in my routine public means to work.The radio station that was on,had this Interesting conversation,whereby,a man called in saying he no longer sees his spouse as the goddess he adored once before.Instead he sees her as his GRANDMOTHER!!!!!
I was astounded,I was shocked,I was broken.I was torn and instantly damaged.
How could this possibly happen??Why demonise the person you once loved??What happened to 'Till death do as part?'
A particular woman had the audacity of even suggesting marriages should be on the basis of CONTRACTS!!!
`O lord have Mercy on us'
Call me Old School,but in this era of corrrupted love, morals,ethics and behaviours, I stil remain a believer of marriage vows and love.
I would still like to understand what the basis of this animosity is,but each and every single growing day of my life,the situation seems to be gaining a complexity thats hard to grasp.
All I know and believe will only keep people together is their ATTITUDE and UNDERSTANDING towards this companionship relationship that our creator intended to establish in the very beginning.
Food For thought:Do animals have Divorces?We Humans as the most powerful and reasonable race,why behave like we know no love???

Think About It.

Stay Safe Beauties.

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