Thursday, February 24, 2011


*bells* call for wedding rings,*events* call for rings with details n statements,*ordinary days* call for normal daily rings that r meant to define a person,*religions n cults*,also have their own rings n pple wea them differently n in different places.......personally i love rings that make statements n those that define me(av neva fancied thse with shiny detail,bur instead,i lve unpolished silver n rocks,,ur thinkin they r quite hard to come by,yes!!! bur 1nce i spot em,i wuldn hesitate to go 4 one..i also love those with rare details n luk somewat out ov this world!mmh like the recycled one above,then the swankish one, n finally,the one i love the most n (p.s,if my guy,fiance' or future husband) eva gets to read this,i would want such for my engagement or as a gift.The Amethyst ring{respectively}  looovely ;)

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