Monday, February 21, 2011


i mean,i dont get y somethings wak in a reversed manner....gowsh!!quite annoying..sometimes we spend soo much time on things that really don't matter n neglect the ones or those who matter the most,n apparently sometimes we may b soo engrossed on the irrelevant due to the fact that we are blinded by it.
if only thea woz a remedy to this sickening disease{aaargh!!}.its soo overwhelming to the xtent of wantin to break down bur agen,lukin bac at it,u realise its a waste of time since what u've been considerin all along as treasurable,appears to be logicless,not worth ua tym n crappy....or sometimes it may b more ov a tease,(i dont know).What i know for sure is,once u've realised tha game waz playing u instead of vice-versa n in a smarter way,then u feel lyk u've been inputting a garbage sort ov system.(GIGO)=Garbage In,Garbage Out....u feel wasted n u jst wana give in.
Currently am oping for a solution,bur in the mean time,musiq will wak the

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  1. They say that unlike school,in life the class comes after the lesson. Everyone makes these mistakes. Its called infatuation on the mind ama comprehensive repulsion.....