Sunday, February 20, 2011

gowsh !!!! CAT

Times' movin,am soo engrossed bou my new public diary till av forgotten bou my CAT tomorrow,it sounds lame bur on the other hand,am not into the unit am jst abou to study..Its funny how skul kan attimes seem borin when stuff like fashion is goin thru your head.Bur wot else is to be done other than what u lyk the most?when it comes to such  issues,theas no debate abou it.Although am still hopin to succed in that CAT coz ATLEAST, i read.

Moving on,av jst seen some hot Alexander Mcqueen shoes that are out for grabs n they r quite $$$$ly,bur worth the money.Honestly if i had the Colour al'd totally purchase them,like all ov!!! they are rather edible!!!! mmmhh

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