Friday, June 10, 2011

killing cruelity!

now,what's worse than when u try to reach out to someone(not for anything else but an ounce of their tym)then they act like they don't want to talk to you,hear from you,see you,know anything about you or what your doing,or what u intend to tel them.Leaving you feelin ignored,clunchy,a bore and worse of,a bother.
In my case,such a situation makes me feel like my whole self is a time bomb and would go off any minute.
honestly,it's crude to b cruel,even cruella would cut one some sluck!!
In the human rule book,cruelity leads to the abolishment of the practicioner.
 NO living creature is entitled to b the subject of cruellness and mistreatment,not even the ever stbborn fly that would be buzzing around you while eatin or sipppin a drink.This kind of habit is meant to b a taboo by now.
I therefore do not get the logic behind the people eho choose to treat others this way.Is it that they get excited such that its psychic to them,or are they just saddists who gain an ego boost once they do this.??
For all i know, the ignored are the ones that get recognition(a relatively big one) a few years down the line through their great works that often than not are a wonder to many n especially their haters.Am not sayin that,everyone who gets ignored will end up swimminn in the pool of success,no! n definately point is,those who have something to say and is equivalently worth to be heard should be given that opportunity to do so.Who knows,you will get to know of a brilliant something somthing that's worth millions of billions,you will realise a sense of sense,ul realise a maturity beyond one's age,ul learn,ul grow ul benefit.
but `NO! i don't have your time,i have more important things to do,ul not help me in any way,ua pointless and definately not worth listnening to`,is what most of us get.'i will not waste my time on you'...uuugh!! its a piss off to get this from a fellow creature while in actual sense,we are meant for one another and not against each other,(accordin to my believes,my creator created us for togetherness purposes)

What am trying to say is,b cruel and al butcher you with surprise!

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