Thursday, June 2, 2011

jini in the bottle

you know,am sure at some point everybody would want to be a jini or atleast have their own jini in a bottle somwea,'jst like Aladdin' who would grant them their every wish and obviously under certain conditions,bur thats on the under side since the wish then,would be more important than the condition that one may be ask'd to undertake by their own Jini..

now,this came by as a result of wantin afew things here and there n especially now that am samwot at my lowest point,bur it is thanks to the bad start of the day,which i hoped we could have jst skept to not even havin this day which is next to impossible,bur if i had a jini,i know we could have wak'd something out like,flyin me to wak,puttin a big smile on my face by doing my responsibilities and givin me afew answers to my questions.also,skippin the bad days,which is next to impossible,though with a sly human in a bottl who appears with the slightest rub or with the roughest rub or with the smoothest call of their name.

this may not b xactly everyone's wish bur honestly,a jini would wak miracles in my case or am i having an excess of the cartoon world??

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