Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Every other day,i wake up anticipating for a better day,a better turn of events,a better something to happen,almost hoping for a miracle,that is,i wish for something positive to happen to me so that many things that go on, can make sense and i won't have to kill myself over the thought of them-attimes i can b a thinker,close to the likes of  Immanuel Kant who's known for 'the limitations and structure of reason shaped and influenced philosophical thought throughout the twentieth century. His "Critique of Pure Reason" remains a classic of philosophy.' Though am nowhere close to the likes of Charles Darwin and Aristotle who came up with the theories of evolution and invention of mathematics and physics respectively,which subsequently has a great impact on us as humans,they shook their minds and citicised every little bit of everything and come up with what revolves around us today,then i was in non-existance,but now am trending on their footprints hopefully -.Thoughts are the stepping stones to dreams in the longrun anyway.

The thinking of positive thoughts continue being natured everyday with the hope of gaining what i attract with my thoughts.It doesn't mean i think without acting upon something,no! i think inline with my actions.From wherever i heard this,i  'dont know but in retrorespect,am a beliver of positive thinking,whereby,when u train ua mind,ua brains,focusing your energy on positive thoughts,nature will act upon your thoughts and bring to you what you desire.It is ofcourse supported by uttering positive thoughts and thinking positively of others.Speakin of,when you focus on the positives of a person,you will be able to apprecite them more than you could have ever imagined.(am yet to practise this fully)

All in all,i never seize hoping for that positive something to find me,,i know,i know,it may sound like am wishing for another set of manna to appear n walllaaa! something good has happened kind of thoughts,but realistically,i know we all have this way of thinking from time to time,and i think its healthy since in some way,thoughts of the unknown are created in our minds and for some people,they'l go forth and try actualising it,regardless of how raw it may be,whereas others dismiss it feeding themselves with the idea that,'oohh,whatever,that may never happen or cannot be done.' Its better to adventure the unknowns.
 My thoughts go on..................

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