Saturday, February 25, 2012

Wanting Something SooOo BAD!!!

Mmmh,if i want,i want.(Not spoiling myself,just being Objective)
This doesn't apply to just about anything and everything.Just particular things that are soo worth having and will cost just about anything to get them;
P.S,saying ANYTHING,means,striving to achieve that which i want through legal and sane-accepted means.
Now,u want this thing soo bad,you start visualizing how you already own that thing,object or project that you may so desire to be part of and making use of it in your head and thinking how well it compliments you and how it will be a plus to your next step on whatever your pursing.Its perfectly put together and everything it was meant for,will be achieved effortlessly mentally.
At this point,you smile,sometimes talk to yourself or even give yourself a pat on the back for realising that desirable desire.There's now motivation to achieve your desire and it builds to an unbearable level,such that,your at-times blinded to an extent of minimising room to accomodate anything else that may be close to that which you want and may be easily achieved without struggle.
ha-ha,it goes on,you even have an actual pictorial of that thing,object or project.(constant reminder you have a goal to accomplish)
Realistically,your running your everyday errands then the object of your desire crosses your mind and you think,damn,what am i doing to get it??? how far am i?what do i need?how much do i need?
ooohh oohh!!
The nag starts all over again.
Being the humans we are,a 5% will fight day and night to achieve their desire and eventually,they will.A 15% will equally be motivated but somewhere along the way,drop the desire and an 80% will seriously always remember their desire, making flashes in their minds and unfortunately do a lot of nothing to achieve it..not to worrryy,its human nature to lag.Thou not always.We need to push for effort.
I have a motive for my desire and I start at 5%,somewhere somewhere,i became a 15% and am hoping not to end up in the crowd.Am still holding on to the least percentage. So God Help Me Please.
Hoping y'all also stay at 5.
Be safe,I care!
Adios Amigos

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