Sunday, February 26, 2012


Many Christians consider it a day of worship.A day to give thanks to the Lord through prayer and worship.A day to exultant Him for the marvelous and wonderful things He has done.A day to go to Church.

I am not an exception.Being a Christian Catholic,i have the same outlook and also the same reasons for going to church every Sunday.I was actually brought up with this tradition of honouring my Lord at the end or beginning of every week(depends on when your week starts.Sunday determines my end week).Its a wonderful thing to carry on your traditions and culture from one generation to the next to avoid eroding it in the future.
Today,i would say i woke up on the wrong side of my bed.I did not have the motive to do anything leave alone heading to church.Being a religious Church goer,i seriously felt guilty and would cringe at the thought of my deeds.There was no particular reason for not going,just feeling lazy.

Well,this for most people is not the case.Sunday happens to be just another normal day but now,no going to work,though some still do,instead its meant for resting.Most would reason,'God rested on the seventh day too.'Yes,that's debate there.The big question here is,Christians as God's believers, don't we have an obligation to give thanks to HIM???

I do think,we should not restrict ourselves to Sunday alone.There are Seven days of the week and we can go to church whatever day we so please for we can not set aside God and happen to remember Him only on Sundays.This way,His engraved in our hearts for those who do not waver in their Faith.The constant communication through Prayer, keeps Him so close to us,through good and trying times.

However,there is a certain group of people who altogether do not believe in going to church,thanks to some characteristics portrayed by those who call themselves 'Born Again'.(This however does not apply to all).Looking at churches today,many are mushrooming from all corners with preachers who have different motives.Some make money,others build material empires through the church,others seek fame and many other unknown motives.All this, leaves many Christians doubting as to whether they should be part of a church that is full of hypocrisy.This group inturn opts to have a one on one convo with their own Christ instead of listening to someone who preaches water and drinks wine.For this reason they cannot be blamed.Or can they?

This may not always be the case,but it is a common scenario.
Regardless of all,lets keep the Sabbath Holy,for those who believe in it.


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